Located at the entrance of Flers urban area, the Suisse Normande has a great tourist itinerary, a 65 km signposted route longing Orne river.

You can see that nature is perfect when looking at the mesmerizing landscape revealed – greatly prized by hikers and horseback-riders.

That’s Switzerland in Normandy ! Because Flers and its surroundings are well-known for their rolling hills, uneven steep relief where Orne river draws a meandering path, such landscapes suspiciously resemble the Swiss countryside and the off-ground villages above the Léman lake.

La Suisse Normande

Pristine Nature

For the most audacious, nature and every type of ride lovers, you will undoubtedly be captured by the panoramic view of Orne’s sinuously sculpted canyons, you will pass by typical Norman villages such as Clécy, Putanges-Pont-Écrepin or Thury-Harcourt.

Hiking, horse-riding or biking, it’s an opportunity for you to admire the panoramic view of the Orne’s sinuously sculpted canyons, to cover the most beautiful landscapes of Suisse Normande and the Norman hedgerows. With gourmet breaks you will have the chance to taste local products (cheese, ciders…) and to visit some local distilleries and creameries).

The Norman hedgerows abounds in water activities : pedal boats, canoes, but also festive activities such as the famous Guinguettes (dance hall) at Orne’s bank.

The Norman hedgerows and the Suisse Normande Normandy’s unquestionable beauty !