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Take the Vélo Francette route, start from the Channel passing by Flers and the Norman hedgerows, go down towards the Atlantic Ocean longing the green meadows of the Mayenne river and the Maine et Loire vineyard, before arriving to La Rochelle.

We thoroughly suggest you the Vélo Francette section starting at the Normandy landing beaches so you will have the occasion to discover the D-Day beaches.

You will cross the Suisse Normande where you will be guided by the Orne river until you arrive at Le Galion Hotel in Flers. Here, everything is ready to welcome hikers : privative and secured bike parking, triple and quadruple family rooms which are very comfortable and functionable for group trips.

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If you choose Véloscénie route, after your stay in Paris and its region, you can go for discovering French History, illustrated by its beautiful villages, meadows, rivers and the most beautiful monuments located between Paris and Mont-Saint-Michel.

With family or friends, you alternate between bike-friendly paths, greenways, signposted country roads and forest tracks. Leaving Paris, you pass by La Vallée de Chevreuse (Chevreuse valley) and go on with your route to Chartres, then passing by The Perche to finally arrive in the Norman hedgerows for a few days’ stay at Le Galion Hotel, then going on to Mont-Saint-Michel.

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